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Welcome to the most luxurious of resorts, a resort that will transform the skyline of Cyprus.
During my nearly three decades on the international stage of real estate development, I have always wanted to revive a tiny fragment of a world and culture that I have unwaveringly admired and respected. I am speaking about the culture of ancient Greece with its nine thousand year-old Stone Age memories, Crusader fortresses, ancient vineyards, and sunshine sparkling upon the sea’s azure waves - Cyprus is truly a unique corner of the world. For this reason, I consider it a personal quest to complete the ultimate luxury resort community on the island that gave birth to Aphrodite and the most beautiful of legends.
With this community, a new lifestyle and a new feel for life are born, where humanity stands as a royal neighbour to the gods. We are building our resort community to serve as a specially protected and uniquely intimate place for regeneration, where the atmosphere, interiors and highly elaborate details all create harmony in your body and soul.
Sándor Kenyeres Founder, President

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