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Putting You in CONTROL
Tailor-Made Private Equity, like other facets of managing your company, places you squarely in the driving seat when it comes to attracting direct investment. Essentially, you are creating an independently administered and authorised Private Equity Fund that will ultimately become the sole investor into your
underlying project.
This can have a significant impact on the attractiveness of your overall investment proposition, whilst giving a
greater level of comfort and assurance to your investors. The private equity fund itself would
be "tailor-made" to meet the objectives of your company and unlike taditional
private equity funds, which often invest in a diversified range of asset
classes, a tailor-made fund would be completely independent of any other
investments made by the core fund management company.
Investment would initially be made by way of capital commitments supported by a part payment for Class A
Preference Shares of the fund (circa 1%). As the underlying project progresses, capital calls would be made on the shareholders in line with project funding needs. This places a legal obligation on investors to honour their commitments over the life of the project whilst assuring you of timely investment inflows.
By placing a private equity fund between investors and the underlying project company, you can be relieved of almost all of the regulatory requirements that would normally have to be fulfilled when attracting large scale investment. The fund itself will handle all regulatory matters, including current FATCA requirements which can place a heavy burden on companies in reporting the source of invested funds.
A tailor-made private equity fund also bridges geographic and legislative barriers that can often be a source of concern to investors. By having a fund established in, and regulated by a familiar financial jurisdiction, investors will better understand the underlying corporate structure they are investing into and will be less concerned about the geo-political issues that may surround the jurisdiction of the underlying business or project.

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