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In today's world, private equity investment can be as hard to find as that elusive needle in a haystack. You may have the best project
in the world, you have a great team, the profit potential is excellent, you may even have a queue of potential investors waiting in the wings. What could possibly go wrong? The answer is EVERYTHING.
The problem in the world of private equity investment is that it's in a constant state of change, whether it's due to political change, the financial climate generally, or simply the time between initial euphoria and actually getting the investment on the table.
Eventually, your potential investors can start raising questions which, if not addressed correctly, can cause them to lose their appetite for your well-thought-out plans.
Is your capital structure geared up to absorb the level of investment required? Will your investors be familiar with the commercial laws of the jurisdiction of investment? Are there any concerns about the safety of investment in the jurisdiction where your project is to be located? Is there any regulatory oversight of the investment? What happens if one or more of your investors wants to liquidate early? And has the issue of potential investment drag been addressed? All these questions can have a negative impact on your ultimate ability to maintain investor interest in the underlying project.
To help solve these potential problems, SIBC Capital has developed "Tailor-Made Private Equity". This is a simple facility under which SIBC creates a project-specific fund that is authorised, regulated and administered by a team of professional investment practitioners. Furthermore, it can greatly simplify the process of securing investment commitment. Our team comprises authorised EIF directors, Professional Fund Administrators, world-class Legal Advisors, Custodial Banking Facilities and annual audits by a major international accounting firm. Everything is taken care of from initial PPM all the way through the investment subscription process right up to disbursing the committed funds to your project. As part of our ongoing service, we take care of investor relations, regulatory reporting and provision of full accountability to your investors. We can even create a secondary market for the trading of fund shares.
As an added protective measure, investments allocated to your project-specific fund are completely segregated from other funds that SIBC administer. Therefore, your investors are only investing into your project and not into a generic pooled fund that could be adversely affected by other investments.
On the following pages, you will find a more detailed explanation of how our Tailor-Made Private Equity program can be put to work for you. Should you still have questions, please feel free to contact us directly to arrange a personal consultation. Our contact details can be found on the back cover of this brochure.

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