In the modern world of digital communication

Design is the key to recognition

World Wide Web

Graphic Design


Digital Publications

Websites that gets you noticed.

All our websites are fully adaptive to meet the challenge of  the growing number of mobile platforms.

Usability coupled with design simplicity is the Trisel hallmark in web design.

From a simple logo to a complete corporate Identity, Trisel delivers that all important image.

Not only do we create great design, our production-ready artwork can be adapted to any printing process.

Capturing great images is only the beginning of the story.

Our digital imaging studios can turn even the most mudane images into stunning works of art.

Our video department can also produce presentation videos that really get your message across.

Digital Publications are real page-turning publications that can be viewed online or distributed as self-contained applications.

Whether it’s product brochures, company reports or concept presentations, we can make them all digitally.




Today’s world of the Internet has become part of normal life. People turn to the Internet to get information, driving directions, entertainment, communicate with others and to find goods and services.

Anyone wanting a web-presence must appreciate the changing face of the Internet.

Information must be presented clearly and precisely, and it must be available across an ever increasing range of devices.

The functional simplicity of a well designed website can say as much about you as the words on the screen.


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Quality imaging and video is essential when presenting yourself to the world. Whether it’s a selection of photographs to illustrate a brochure or website, or if it’s video and still images to be made into a presentation, Trisel ensures that you and your product looks it’s very best. Our digital artists and video production facilities can be brought in to assist with any visual presenation, no matter how small or large the production is.

FlashPubs Digital Publications

Digital Publications are the fast and effective way to get multipage documents in front of your audience. Magazines, catalogues, brochures, company reports can all be published online for easy reading.


With real page turn effects, it’s just like reading a printed publication. If you want your audience to download and print, these options cn also be added to the user interface.